5 Best AR Games for your new iPhone X, XS, XS Max


Gaming has always remained a bigger deal while comes off entertainment, and playing games online are even much approachable. With the advancing world and adding on technologies, various games have been developed to date that has enabled the users to enjoy the feeling of realism while playing on their smartphones. iPhone is one of the mostly approached smartphones being used by millions of people worldwide. If you own a new iPhone X, XS, XS Max and looking for one of the best AR games to be downloaded on it, this article is going to be very helpful for you. For all those who are new to the concept of AR games, these games are designed and developed with perfect integration of visual and audio content so that the users could enjoy the extreme experience in real time.

  1. Pokemon GO: Pokemon GO is one of the most excellent AR games for your new iPhone X, XS, XS Max that is going to take you to the imaginary world of characters. It is a location-based AR game whose story moves around a beloved Nintendo franchise Pokemon. It is a new game, where you have to catch this dear creature Pokemon while walking around these beautiful sceneries. You have to train your Pokemon to move forward with the higher levels of the game. While walking on some beautiful view, you will also have to go through some locations such as cities or gyms, where you have to fight for your survival.
  2. ARise: Arise is another bigger name on the list that has won the hearts of millions of people with the fantastic gameplay and amazing scenic views. It is one of the first AR games offering a great and interactive platform to play on. The game is all about escorting the knight. You will be distracted by the creation of optical illusion AR level. Various missing sections are going to block your Knight’s path, so if you want to move forward, you have to make the parts by connecting the physically at the space provided. This puzzle game is entertaining where you can use your different gaming skills to get a lead in the game.
  3. Ticket to Earth: Ticket to Earth is another incredible AR game in the list that holds a place in the memory location of millions of iOS devices worldwide. User-friendly and interactive interface, well-written storyline, beautifully designed graphics, amazing backgrounds and landscapes, mind-blowing sound effects all makes it one of the top most choices among the AR games. You are going to have a surprise at each level of the game with a lot of twists and the involvement of impactful characters.

It is a battle game, where you need to play by using comprehensive strategies to beat your opponents and to get a lead in the game. Just use well-planned strategy RPG genre, the Movement system and survive till last. Try to be careful throughout the match, examine the map and take after actions carefully, as a single mistake can kill you in the game. With lots of activities and adventures, the game is quite capable of making you busy all the time.

  1. The Machines: The machines are another unusual name in the list of AR games that will offer a unique and quite fantastic experience of playing the game on a reality-based 3D platform. You need the help of your camera for converting any flat surface into your war zone where you can play with your friends. Just shoot down your opponent’s troops by taking help of different machines you are having in your basket, or you earn during the gameplay. It is an amazing multiplayer game that will keep you engaged for hours while fighting with your opponents with well-lanced equipment.
  2. ARZombi: It is another beautiful game in the list of AR games, where you have to make a way to reach on the provided target. You have to open up different doors and windows to create a style, where different surprises and shambling horrors are waiting for you. Don’t let your energy down at any movement as it will take you one step back in the game. You can maintain your health by eating slices of pizzas you will get in your way.


All the above provided AR games are best for your new iPhone X, XS, XS Max devices. Just download them and enjoy the experience of playing with an extreme platform like these.


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